Sunday, 17 July 2011

New Mooring sorted

So, our new mooring at Kings Bromley is berth 212, next door to Sixpence.

The mooring is at the back to the site but that suits us.

The work on Lola is due to start Monday or so and I am popping up on Thursday to speak to the carpenter to make our requirements clear.  Its simple really, Lyndon let him know (ps the cheshire ring is a definite)!  We want a L shaped layout like on the aqua fleet which acts as seating area, eating area, acts as 2 singles or one double with as much storage as possible.  I expect that there may need to be some stealing from the current sitting area near the stove but that is of no concern.  Oh and all complete, with cushions by 29 July! I suspect the cushions may be delayed so don't throw the current ones out.

Doggy delivery is still scheduled for a week today, I am going over on Thursday to do some apex cladding of a stable unit so I will have plenty of time to fuss Lola the puppy, and her brothers/sisters.
So may people have warned about the biting that its getting boring, of course we know what will happen, we have done all the reading and taken much advice.  Crate has been purchased, dog bed to collect today, food paid for and toys on way.