Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Aqua Narrowboats, Boat Magicians


True to their word, the boat is scheduled for completion by Friday pm.  Discussion was had today on the carpet and that should be going down Friday morning.  I am surprised that they are making Friday given the limited time they had.  I am certain that they will not be shy with quality and will post some piccies of the finished work on Saturday.

So, if anyone is at IWA this weekend give a wave to Lola as she passes!

I reckon we will be passing at about 12 noon, obviously not stopping (save for Dallow lane Lock) given the limitations.

there will be no weighing anchor or ropes as we are on a schedule to make Fradley for a pint.

I head about NB Waiouru, such a shame to see a new boat in that condition. My heart goes out to them and I wish sincerely that we shall meet on the cut under happier circumstances.