Sunday, 5 June 2011

No real boaty time

Ah well, no boat time this weekend save taking her for a fuel fill up and removing the Genny for some work on the allotment.  Will be out next weekend come what may as I will be spending 5 days in the office with no parole!

Boating will be to the usual branston unless I have to be rowing transport manager for Johanna.  If that happens we will just pop up to Willington and overnight there.

The allotment is a new twist for us, we have only just go it and already we have started to put it to work.  A quiet start because we want to understand how to "allot" our parts properly.  We have been researching and I now understand that there is more to this than one thinks, especially with clay heavy soil, apparently some lime is needed and some week later, some manure.

Doggy matters

In response to a question, they are fox red Labrador puppies with full pedigree records and these are running retrievers.  Puppies do not usually get to run until about 18 months but this can vary.  The puppy we will be owning will be determined four weeks in, we are lucky to have first choice.  Out of the seven pups there are three girls, one of the girls will become ours.

More pictures

one full and contented puppy

One caring mother
 So Lola, as she will be called (yes the same name as the boat, long story), will be acquainted with the boat as soon as the injections have fully taken, then it is off to a week or two on the boat, with Lola safely secured in the cabin, those child gates do come useful again!