Wednesday, 29 June 2011

The next jobs

A quick update

Undercoating the roof this weekend, possibly two coats, we shall see.  This is in between my first chainsaw lesson which consists of safety, safety, safety followed by cross cutting a felled birch tree, the results of which, if not rotten will be transferred to home for further seasoning.  After this we will probably cut some pre-seasoned wood.  I am tinkering with selling it on as there is a huge supply but not sure if this is viable.

Was at an event in London, the Park Plaza hotel over the last few days.  Nice hotel but £3.50 for a small bottle of water!  No surprise the hotel was full of our American and Japanese friends.  Just 50 yards away, same bottle 95p in the local.  Nice hotel though.  I walked along the embankment next to the London Eye and looked out for narrowboats, sorry none to be found.  You can appreciate why the Thames at this point is a daunting challenge with these trip boats ignoring any moving traffic.  I did have the naughty idea of playing loud salsa music as I passed Big Ben but decided to play safe and play Boris the Spider by the Who (connection - Boris Johnson, London Mayor)

Back to the event in the hotel, we were having a business dinner (No, I did not drink or get trolleyed like some!).  A chap next to me was showing off his Ariel atom (aware of these as my brother owns one) and I in turn showed my hand, a picture of the boat.  A vote then ensued on the table and the narrowboat won 8 to 1.  I celebrated with another glass of water (how well behaved was I with free booze flowing).