Saturday, 14 May 2011

A quick visit

Popped ot the boat today to:-

See if it is still there!
Get my boat fix
Drop a couple of bits off
Check anti rust work

Bit windy and cold today.  Whilst I would like to make the most of the boat whenever, we need a couple of weekends at home so the girls can keep up with homework and can chill in their rooms/play with their friends and we can do some gardening and cleaning and stuff.  So, boaty weekend May bank holiday - probably up to Branston Meal at the Bridge Inn and home next day if the weather is set fair.

Got the RCR renewal today and have decided to pay the gold again even though its £50 more this year, because they now include parts within the deal.  Given the recent centreflex issue, the dues would have paid off. 

Insurance must be due soon to so I will need to reflect on cover.  Bills Bills Bills!