Saturday, 21 May 2011

Deck Boards

Went up to the boat today, had to ring ahead because I had forgot the keys.

Anyway, the new boards are fitted, just a wee issue of one not sitting level.  I intend to solve this using silicon and possibly cut hose, should be easy to level up if one takes ones time, famous last words!

They look ok and the insulation is keeping sound to a bear minimum, most sound output is now coming from within the boat, so with the back doors closed and the hatch pulled to its nigh on silent.  I knew I could not achieve perfection but I can deal with the inside reasonably easily.

Caught up with Lyndon from Aqua and had a bare two minutes chat as he was wokring hard doing their hire fleet turnaround.

One other job added to my list, the need to replace some of the window insulation, anti vibration, time to look at the chandlers site.

So off next weekend somewhere, probably Branston as I mentioned in an earlier post.