Saturday, 28 May 2011

The Aborted Trip and Allotment and new Puppies

Went to the boat yesterday and stayed overnight.  We decided to leave early because the wind and rain suggested no moving.  Also, we are getting a little bored doing the same trip every weekend we go away.  Down the doubles past Stenson is a pain given Stenson Lock is a bugger, going west we see the same route we have used many a time.  The move to Kings Bromley seems well timed.

The other reason was we have, after two years waiting, got our allotment.  Only a quarter is usable as the rest needs a bit of weeding.  We (I) went today and sprayed the area with a good weed killer and to also plan how we are going to get the most from it. The greenhouse at home will be moved to the allotment, which is ideal because the puppies arrived yesterday

So where the greenhouse is will become the dogs poo area, once trained.  Life is moving in the direction of travel I like, boat, dog, allotment.

Lets hope the weekend after next is an improvement, we may be more disposed to trip out if the weather is better.  As I said, once moved I think we will be happy guys because we have so many options.