Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Fenders and names

I forgot to add to my last post the fact that I replaced the bow fender and added a double button to the rear squashed button.

Now I have to say what a good job I did.  What I do not have to say was how I got the Midland Chandlers guy to cut two metres of chain into 16 link and 8 link lots and in the end did not need them at all!.  Ok it was £20 but I did not want to have to make return journeys for bits of chain.

The double button looks a treat and fits perfectly, giving good protection to the rudder.  The bow fender also just slipped on, the picture in my last post shows.  I just need to add some tubing to protect the paintwork.

I have also now ordered some (sorry to all sign writers) temporary decals as I do not have the time at the moment to add Lolas name to the Starboard side.

I also need to decide if I should take my bike on holiday with us, just the one for shopping purposes etc.

Not heard from Aqua so am hoping they do the service etc.  I have also investigated my broken hinge pin issue.  There are other solutions so if they cannot sort it I will start thinking about plan b and c and so on.

My Kindle is also getting a good hammering.  since 23/2 I have read 9 books, yes 9!  I will need to make some choices for holidays but I do have the 3g card type so it should not be too much bother.

The weather appears unsure for next week, we shall see.  What I do need to look for are night moorings and local shops, so a bit of research using canal planner etc is now in hand.  Trouble is best laid plans and all that.  It actually does not matter, Just being aboard and relaxed will be enough.

Now I will buy some vodafone time whilst out from Saturday so lets see how the new camera bonds.