Thursday, 28 April 2011

Day 11 and 12 Easter Holidays 2011

The last days of our easter holiday.

So day 11 started at Zouch, a tad cold but no rain.  We had intended to moor at Loughborough but a canal festival saw the available moorings diminish.  But first, at Birstall on Day 10, the wanderer returned from her rowing practice, welcome back Johanna, I see the easter egg went down well!

This is Industry No1, we passed her whilst watering at Barrow Boating

A picture for our near neighbour - you know who you are!

Astrazeneca in Loughborough, a view not oft seen by my missus who is still there even though it is due to close in July

And here we are at Zouch Lock, Missus and daughter no 2.

The Otter at Kegworth

Home beckons?  nope this is Radcliffe powere station, not Willington

The Strand at Swarkstone

And thats it folks.  We got back at about 2pm after a wee wait at Stensons Lock.

The boat behaved itself very well indeed.  I checked the stern gland one last time and gave it a gentle tightening - yes the prop still turns by hand.  I also checked the prop and removed some rope and other bits.  Batteries are well behaved, when I connected the charger from the mains, it presented the batteries as being fully charged, which they should have been.  The rocking sensation has gone from my body to returnSaturday when we give her a thorough clean, pump out and prep for roof repaint in advance of a complete re-paint, grit blasting will have to wait.

So my next posts will concentrate, I hope, on painting.