Saturday, 30 April 2011

Maintenance Day

Went to Kings Bromley Marina today and paid our deposit for a new mooring there from August.

Mercia has been great but we have done all we can from here.

Next we went to the boat and did some sanding, rust treating and prep for painting the roof.

I do hope that the new deck boards are fitted soon, the current ones vibrate like nobodies business.

Lovely day but very windy, boat was all over the place as we went over to use the pump out.

Aqua were busy - handover day, so we said hello but let them get on.

Next week I reckon its undercoats, should get 2 in if the weather is ok.  Subject to forecast we may leave it this way, or if rain is likely I will add a holding top coat.  Once the roof is complete we will slowly work our way down to the gunwhales, very slowly, possibly panel by panel, we shall see.

The sanders did their jobs well and it was reasonably easy.  I could have burnt off the current roof covering but there is no need if I plan for some grit blasting at some time in the future.  The stove is where the worst rust is and I intend to give this some special attention on a regular basis to keep it rust free.

We do not want a pristine boat, but it would be nice for a good colour depth and a bit of shine.

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Day 11 and 12 Easter Holidays 2011

The last days of our easter holiday.

So day 11 started at Zouch, a tad cold but no rain.  We had intended to moor at Loughborough but a canal festival saw the available moorings diminish.  But first, at Birstall on Day 10, the wanderer returned from her rowing practice, welcome back Johanna, I see the easter egg went down well!

This is Industry No1, we passed her whilst watering at Barrow Boating

A picture for our near neighbour - you know who you are!

Astrazeneca in Loughborough, a view not oft seen by my missus who is still there even though it is due to close in July

And here we are at Zouch Lock, Missus and daughter no 2.

The Otter at Kegworth

Home beckons?  nope this is Radcliffe powere station, not Willington

The Strand at Swarkstone

And thats it folks.  We got back at about 2pm after a wee wait at Stensons Lock.

The boat behaved itself very well indeed.  I checked the stern gland one last time and gave it a gentle tightening - yes the prop still turns by hand.  I also checked the prop and removed some rope and other bits.  Batteries are well behaved, when I connected the charger from the mains, it presented the batteries as being fully charged, which they should have been.  The rocking sensation has gone from my body to returnSaturday when we give her a thorough clean, pump out and prep for roof repaint in advance of a complete re-paint, grit blasting will have to wait.

So my next posts will concentrate, I hope, on painting.

Monday, 25 April 2011

Days 8, 9 and 10 of Easter Holiday 2011

Ok something of a catchup due to poor internet access.  Lets face it, the eastern section of the Leicestershire ring is very rural.

So this is, picture wise, Crick to Birstall.  Piccies of Birstall in the next instalment.


No, not the Ubique of blogging era

Just for Sarah - Boudicca (sarah played Boudicca at school)

Yelvertoft Marina

Us at the junction of the GUC and Welford Arm for the night

Foxton Locks, gongoozler city!

After the 4 hour wait, off we go down the locks

And here we are at the bottom of foxton
Scenic Leicester (Lesta) - was ok really

I dunno!


Sunday, 24 April 2011

Kilby Bridge

Still poor signal so here is an Iphone picture of tonights mooring

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Saturday, 23 April 2011

Foxton locks Inn

At foxton locks inn - and only just managed to get a table for three at 6.30pm, it's mad!

The wait to go down the flights was ok if not just a little surprising.

At least we have stopped and can relax more! It was ok and finding a mooring so close was a bonus which makes me wonder where everyone has come from, can't be boat can it?

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No real quality signal so a short update

5 1/2 hours to do foxton locks!

Still, a lovely day, we started at the GU and Welford Arm junction

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Friday, 22 April 2011

Moore to life

Just met Mr Moore bridge22 Leicester GU

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Thursday, 21 April 2011

Day 6 easter Holiday 2011 -The Leicestershire Ring

So, from near Braunston to where we are today......  Crick, just near ABNB Brokerage, this side of the 14 day moorings unlike some.

Went up the Braunston locks in a pair, made life much easier, thanks NB Smoke. thence thorugh the tunnel, not bad.

Then to the Watford flight - just, just made it there in time for the last up flight.  A little beyond the top we met Red Admiral, so close to the boat in front that I could not adjust before tapping the side of his pride and joy, what a nob, complianing that I tapped him, rather than retort using his demeanour, I just said, chill its summer!.  Then a nice quiet pottle along through Crick tunnel to where we are now.

Apols for exposire problems, still getting to grips with new camera.

Braunston turn

Sarah at Watford Flight

Up the Flight we go, just in time


Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Day 5 Easter Holidays 2011

Big day today.  we set off from Newbold with the principle target of making the Old Royal Oak Pub, just past Hillmorton Locks, by 12 noon.  Plan achieved.  We had lunch, its a Hungry Horse so simple fayre, and dropped Johanna off to link up with a friend going to Peterborough for rowing training.  It will be Jos first ever double skull experience tomorrow, wish I could have watched.  For 14 she now whoops me in ergo practice (rowing machines).  Her splits are near perfect and she can easily hit 5700 metres in 30 mins on 26.  Seems I have unleashed a rowing beast!

After the drop off we moved on to where we are now, just shy of Braunston. For tomorrow its past Braunston and then onto the GU Leicester line.  If anything, a tad too hot this pm so we stopped at 3.30 pm and put the genny on so Sarah can enjoy some no big sister tv time.

The girls at 8am, shattered!

Unfortunately I under-exposed some piccies last night and forgot to correct - lesson learned, I will adjust them when home.

Some shots of where we are for tonight - kind of a 360, using a better exposure!

 Now then, the next two shots are taken via AV and then auto mode using the Canon.  Which do you prefer?

More tomorrow, subject to connection of course.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Day 4 Easter 2011 holidays

Left the Anchor Inn Hartshill at 9 am, weather, well lovely again!

We were staring to get that well known toilet smell so time for a pump out  - Valley cruises, job done by 10 am  - including two 360 turns because we were facing the wrong way and our pump out is located on the side, not the gunwhale, odd I know but we have narrow gunwhales.

Hawkesbury Turn

The Ashby, not today

The offending Bridge due to be demolished early May 2011, cutting the artery for up to 10 days

Even more mannequins now
Newbold tunnel

Here for the night, excellent mooring just after the tunnel, where my brother fell in last year.

Day 3 Easter holiday 2011

Playing catch up see below.

Ok not a bad day. Missus said a guy at Alrewas asked if the canal was the Grand union! nice one.We had moored last night about 200 metres from Alvecote Marina. Pleased we did as it was a nice quiet night. Being out in the country, so to speak, my hours are changing, sleep at dusk, awake a dawn, although I usually wake early, asleep by 9pm?

Having to use windows live writer as the location I am at, Hartshill, is in a cutting and signal is poor.  Something did not work becaus ethe pictures have not transferred in live writer, never mind

We trooped past Alvecote Marina about 9.30 am and kept going until we met the pair of locks at Bradley Green. The lifts in the locks all went without incident.

Picture fest!

Me at the bottom Lock, Fradley. Yes me opening a lock!

Another NB Harnser?

Looking back from Fradley

Still Fradley

Jo looking serious

Bit of a mess

Another burnt out case


Quirky or what?

Bird Water skiing?

Wasn't me, it was him!

Her name in Decals, brown ale naming ceremony to follow

Glascote Lock

Just past AlvecotePriory Nature Reserve, me using a filters and doing a bit of arty stuff

My favourite picture of the day, nicely framed.

Hands across the water?


That,s us for today, not as warm towards the end of the day. Hartshill to infinity and beyond tomorrow, actually its a 6 hour trip to Newbold Tunnel, get ready for the pretty tunnel lighty piccies!