Sunday, 20 February 2011

The Trip to the erewash, without Blogpress

Ok Blogpress was not too bad but I need to save the piccies to local online because the metadata changes when I publish. This means the date and time change so I do not get reliable timing for the journey.

I also used a better camera and here is parts of the journey with better meatadata.
09.32 on 19/2

still 09.32 !



09.41 doh!


Cap'n Angus 11.22



11.34 tree down covered most of the canal, been there a week now



still 12.07

I think this is CRS services who does electrics n stuff, often found
near willington


13.42 the Clock Warehouse at Shardlow.



now I thought rock and roll had a bigger boat than this lol

Shardlow marina on the cut from the Trent

At the Derwent Lock we met some first time boaters at their first "on our own" lock.  We helped em through and the person
driving head straight for the weir, opposite lock problems.  They then zig zagged away. 

 In the Erewash, camera says 16.07, sorry it was 15.07, bloody winter time adjustment, all timing above - minus 1 hour lol

A successful trip, we negotiated the electric lock at Sawley after realising we need to put the BW key in first and then detach this from the engine key lol, what a farce - just as well it was quiet

From todays blog I have realised that I need to record the journey in a different way.  This i will do by using the Iphone, my new Canon 600 (when it is avail) and my tape recorder.  I seem to miss the interesting bits because I forget to mention them.  So I will creat location, picture and time stamps for futue leisure cruises.  I will record the return as this will be over two days and not one and will include family.

Paul Barber at Wyvern (near Long Eaton Station at Sawley) was very helpful in getting the boat through and amazing reverse into the mooring at wyvern I must video the exit as his boat skills were incredible.  He also owns a 1934 erewash trad.  I will take some piccies next week.

He reckons a two ft by 2 foot external skin is all that is needed and will confirm when she is out of the water.  he has also convinced ME to do the blacking next Saturday.  I will also attempt to sort out the base plate with a little vactan and also black it, maybe - lets see what Paul thinks when she is out and pressure hosed.

BOAT =  Buy, own and then pay loads more money lol

Sorry for the rambling story, this is my diary too lol