Saturday, 26 February 2011

Skin tank and Blacking done, a few piccies

The Skin tank is on and looks good, you can see the weld here
A better view below, he even put the anode back on!

 Hi opinion was that the last skin tank (internal one) was totally inadequate, providing adequate keel cooling for a 21 hp boat engine only because there was insufficient coverage.  The problem was that the tank was fat, not providing enough direct contact with the keel side.  As you see, this one has much more coverage, than the 2-3ft provided by the other.  Actually, here is a piccie from a previous posting which might give you an insight into what I am saying.  look at the right and you can see the out flow and how thick the tank is.  We now have a calculated cover to 45hp and the old one is disconnected given it serves no purpose now as the new one is on the same side because running the pipes was easier to the same side.  I will check the seals as we motor back next week, carrying spares provided by Lyndon from Aqua.

When I can get onboard I will look at the internal bit and photograph that too.  had the old engine lasted, i would have had this done much earlier.  Still, hopefully peace of mind now.  It will be tested next week on the journey back to Willington
 A few piccies of the nice, cheap, blacking job just to show how good a job Paul and his team have done
 I inspected it carefully and they have done a very good job.  I am about to nip off to the Chandlers and get some more oxford blue to sort our the temp patching I did last November.

 Anodes are looking a bit sacrificed!, might change them next year.

The bottom line will be painted today or tomorrow.  It is going to get a good set of coats or I may just black it.   The red and white will be prepared and painted too - if time permits.

A new double button will be purchased and the front will get a new fender too.  That button does look almost totally useless!
So, next will be the new living area and then, subject to quotes, the bathroom.