Saturday, 5 February 2011

Not a Lot

Quiet day really, we went to the boat and were going to stay over, but the wind and one or two other issues prevented us.  Still not sure about the "condensation" in the bathroom but I do have Aqua going over to look at the accumulator and one or two other things, so perhaps they can suggest options.

The wind was pretty heavy duty, I do hope the boating virgins stay put.

We popped down to Pilings Lock Marina today, not a patch on Willington but worth a reserve place for the future.  Actually, we have stopped comparing against Mercia, we just need to find new spots to enable touring of more of the network.

I did call Great Haywood, bit pricy and the "gentleman" who answered the phone was less than congenial in my opinion.  First introductions are so important.

When we do the Leicestershire Ring in April we will have time to do more indepth looking.  We need to be either beyond Shobnall or past Leicester me thinks.  I would like to be no more than 40 mins away from the marina for now, but as time passes I will venture up to Land L and down to the K an A.

I really do need a pram hood to help keep the rain at bay, out of the engine bay that is!