Monday, 14 February 2011

A bit of updating

Now I have sorted the engine, I have decided to add the external skin tank.  Paul Barber based at Wyvern Marine on the Erewash will do the job.  Looks like a 5ft by 2ft tank along the swim.  If I manage, I will take a few photos.

That was the easy bit.  Next came sorting out a crew and getting people to the correct places next Saturday.  Thankfully, me old ship mate Angus has agreed to do the run with me, allowing family to have a more sedate day doing rowing and stuff.  The plan will take about 8 hours and involves 8 locks, mainly doubles so that should test us out.  Into the Erewash and a tight turn into Wyvern Marine.  So that is a 7.30 am start, 8 am on the boat, 4pm tie up in Wyvern, 5pm back to Willington to pick up the car and 5.30 pm into the Chinese takeaway at the Little Bridge, which incidentally is right next to the Erewash!  I reckon we will do it in a little less as I did use Canal planner and it allows for longer periods and slow locking.  As the weather looks a bit cold I do not think many will venture out.  If time permits I am also going to do the blacking, but if it snows, then maybe not.