Sunday, 27 February 2011

Paint touch up = Rain!

Yup, we popped to the boat to do some touching up whilst it was out of the water, yup as soon as the tin opened it started to rain.

Never mind, we managed to cover the rust inhibitor patches and managed to do most of the gunwhale sides (not top).

One thing I do need to do is fill the water tank to check the trim as the uxter plate (steel plate above the prop) is about 5 inches underwater.  If it remains well under we may have to remove some ballast but as we are re-fitting the lounge in June this should be no problem.

Next week it is back to Willington time.  We will do this more leisurely taking Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning, depending on the Trent height that is.   I am looking forward to this trip, not just to observe the engine operating temperature!  it is more about another break and chilled boating.

The external skin tank and Rytex Blacking (two good coats - weed hatch too) was a very good value £750 inclusive of labour and materials.

Paul Barber is a very knowledgeable guy and very chilled too.

I popped over to Beeston Chandlery on Saturday and bought a new set of ropes.  Next job is a large button and new bow fender.  Following this I am looking at options for the Aerial, I may just split the bow aerial and run a cable, only thing that concerns me is effectively hiding it.  We shall see.

My oldest daughter had her first rowing 8's head (race) on the Trent today and they won!  She is very pleased with herself and so she should be.

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Skin tank and Blacking done, a few piccies

The Skin tank is on and looks good, you can see the weld here
A better view below, he even put the anode back on!

 Hi opinion was that the last skin tank (internal one) was totally inadequate, providing adequate keel cooling for a 21 hp boat engine only because there was insufficient coverage.  The problem was that the tank was fat, not providing enough direct contact with the keel side.  As you see, this one has much more coverage, than the 2-3ft provided by the other.  Actually, here is a piccie from a previous posting which might give you an insight into what I am saying.  look at the right and you can see the out flow and how thick the tank is.  We now have a calculated cover to 45hp and the old one is disconnected given it serves no purpose now as the new one is on the same side because running the pipes was easier to the same side.  I will check the seals as we motor back next week, carrying spares provided by Lyndon from Aqua.

When I can get onboard I will look at the internal bit and photograph that too.  had the old engine lasted, i would have had this done much earlier.  Still, hopefully peace of mind now.  It will be tested next week on the journey back to Willington
 A few piccies of the nice, cheap, blacking job just to show how good a job Paul and his team have done
 I inspected it carefully and they have done a very good job.  I am about to nip off to the Chandlers and get some more oxford blue to sort our the temp patching I did last November.

 Anodes are looking a bit sacrificed!, might change them next year.

The bottom line will be painted today or tomorrow.  It is going to get a good set of coats or I may just black it.   The red and white will be prepared and painted too - if time permits.

A new double button will be purchased and the front will get a new fender too.  That button does look almost totally useless!
So, next will be the new living area and then, subject to quotes, the bathroom.

Thursday, 24 February 2011


Now the boat is out of the water for the skin tank I decided to black it.

A little electrolysis but not much.  Lots of scrubbing and wire brushing, 3-4 tins of rytex expected.

Then the fabricator rang, now read this carefully.

Hello says Paul Barber.  That blacking, my lads (both older than him I guess) are sitting about doin nowt at mo cos we are waiting for a load of steel, so I can do blacking if yu want. 

How much says I.

Well, says he, theres the paint of course, i say thats ok i will pay the cost as discussed.  Ok he says

I wait for the hit, and wait, and wait

err, he says, err £40 quid?

I say, err, err ok then

What a result!  His guys were just sitting around and he puts that on me plate, wicked I say, wicked! now stick that in her highnesses next opinion!

Some days are better than others, ok he makes 400 hundred or so on the skin tank, including pulling out but if he wants recommendations what a way to go. 

More on Saturday when I pop down to take some piccies

Sunday, 20 February 2011

The Trip to the erewash, without Blogpress

Ok Blogpress was not too bad but I need to save the piccies to local online because the metadata changes when I publish. This means the date and time change so I do not get reliable timing for the journey.

I also used a better camera and here is parts of the journey with better meatadata.
09.32 on 19/2

still 09.32 !



09.41 doh!


Cap'n Angus 11.22



11.34 tree down covered most of the canal, been there a week now



still 12.07

I think this is CRS services who does electrics n stuff, often found
near willington


13.42 the Clock Warehouse at Shardlow.



now I thought rock and roll had a bigger boat than this lol

Shardlow marina on the cut from the Trent

At the Derwent Lock we met some first time boaters at their first "on our own" lock.  We helped em through and the person
driving head straight for the weir, opposite lock problems.  They then zig zagged away. 

 In the Erewash, camera says 16.07, sorry it was 15.07, bloody winter time adjustment, all timing above - minus 1 hour lol

A successful trip, we negotiated the electric lock at Sawley after realising we need to put the BW key in first and then detach this from the engine key lol, what a farce - just as well it was quiet

From todays blog I have realised that I need to record the journey in a different way.  This i will do by using the Iphone, my new Canon 600 (when it is avail) and my tape recorder.  I seem to miss the interesting bits because I forget to mention them.  So I will creat location, picture and time stamps for futue leisure cruises.  I will record the return as this will be over two days and not one and will include family.

Paul Barber at Wyvern (near Long Eaton Station at Sawley) was very helpful in getting the boat through and amazing reverse into the mooring at wyvern I must video the exit as his boat skills were incredible.  He also owns a 1934 erewash trad.  I will take some piccies next week.

He reckons a two ft by 2 foot external skin is all that is needed and will confirm when she is out of the water.  he has also convinced ME to do the blacking next Saturday.  I will also attempt to sort out the base plate with a little vactan and also black it, maybe - lets see what Paul thinks when she is out and pressure hosed.

BOAT =  Buy, own and then pay loads more money lol

Sorry for the rambling story, this is my diary too lol

The trip to the Erewash Part 9

Sawley lock 1.  Geo location was miles out!

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Coming to clock warehouse no 8

Mice array of boatee people, by the way I saw waterlily at Swarkstone - piccies to follow, was that you Nev?

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Aston lock

Slightly out of order, Aston Lock

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The trip to the Erewash Part 7

Aha, bridge number seven on the T and M

Now that is a nice house innit?

Still raining but now only about 2 miles from Shardlow and it is raining less.