Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Still no go

Ah well, the drama turned into a crisis, as usual, and I have a chest infection, so the nice heavy duty horse pills are now being supplied.

The cough is a bark but at least I know it will clear without any infection.

Hopefully off to the boat on Sunday to do a quick rip (= slow dander) to either Barton Turns or Shobnall or, if we do not have the time, Willington winding hole.  I reckon it will be Shobnall, but thats a two hour journey each way, so we will see how much time we have and how much Angus is prepared to give to crew her, perhaps a bacon and sausage sandwich will help the decision!  I suppose I could do the run to Swarkstone, slightly quicker, but speed is not really the issue.