Sunday, 16 January 2011

Oh, how I coughed

Well, the cold did me in.  No trip to the Willington winding hole and here I was all set up to record engine noise etc.  As I blog I am overheating with a coughing fit.  Another week of this and I will pop to the doc for some stuff or whatever because I have a habit of turning a cough into a crisis.

Was a shame I could not venture out and test the engine, but good things come to he who waits.

When leaving the boat I decided to part winterise it and I think the accumulator is shot, more work for Aqua, still they do a good job, the new interior engine housing is class.

Time to fill in the gearbox and engine warranty cards.  What fun I had finding the engine number and stuff, numpty wife comes out to help - in her slippers!

These were soon changed to shoes and into the engine bay she went to get the info on the prm and the engine.  Not sure we got the engine number properly but enough numbers were written down for them to link to their records.

I have partially re-planned our April two week holiday to assist daughter number one in getting to Peterborough for rowing training with Nottingham Rowing Club by doing the Leicestershire Ring  We will go, slowly, from Willington to Fradley on Saturday 16th April , down the Coventry to Hillmorton where Jo will be discarded at the Royal Oak pub on Wednesday 20th April which is on the A428 Crick road and links nicely to the M1 for her onward journey by car to Peterborough.  This rowing is great for her, improving her fitness and giving her more social options, rather than just school friends.  We pick her up the following Easter Monday afternoon.  Where? we dunno yet, but probably near Leicester - hopefully before Foxton!.  This gives Jo almost two holidays, well deserved to a hard working 13 year old who has just shown me some outstanding school scans (scans? these are regular reports on her educational targets).  It also gives daughter number two some mum and dad time.  Mind you when one of them has been away for a couple of days and returns it is clear how much they miss each other.

Well, enough rambling for today.