Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Site update

I have decided to re-write the Four Counties Ring page, included some much needed metadata and context.  Let me know if you like it - or not!  I intend to capture much more information in the future to provide a better reading experience and capture more of the funnier moments with the camera, as well as less funny.  My oldest daughter, Johanna took a dive in at Cropredy this year when we did a bit of the Oxford prior to buying Lola, I have to admit that the camera would never have captured any of the action as I was to busy:-

a) rescuing her
b) helping her to get out of view asap

As you will appreciate a fashion conscious 13 year old does not appreciate a public dunking anywhere!  So there will be limitations.

Seems the thaw is well on, well done to those who managed and lets hope that the pump outs work and elsan is functional.  I admire your strength and understand if many had an option they would have taken it!