Sunday, 5 December 2010

A quick check

Popped up to the boat today.  Looks cold and lonely.

No obvious leaks, pump seems ok.  Hot water seems a problem but the calorifier is probably iced up as it has not been on and no connection to shoreline at the workshop, not that this matters much as their is no 240 immersion, all engine driven. 

I forgot about the shower hose, well frozen!

New engine is sitting ok but no time to really look at it.

Can only hope the weather improves enough to enable full fitting so I can fire her up next weekend, if the freeze has gone that is.

Might even get to stay over next Friday if no freeze and we can run her to the winding hole and back again, interested to see if I need to consider a new prop.  If I do it is likley to be an axiom, highly rated by all accounts.

Marina looked well frozen, and it did not seem much had moved on the last week, if anything.

Path and road around the marina still pretty well frozen but work appeared in hand to salt more.

I was tempted to get the morso going but not really any point, I would need to stay overnight as it thawed and its work tomorrow.