Wednesday, 22 December 2010

A few changes

I have been mucking about with the blog design, trying to improve visual side, not sure its a success, yet.  Comments welcome.

So, my first day of the crimbo hols and I have the girls to look after.  I thought to myself that if the Missus was at work, I could have a wee trip to the boat.  No chance, blizzard at Toyota Island, this is the junction on the A50 towards Willington.  Not much point really in any case, no call to say, all done, not likely either given it will need a run to test it and with the ice as it is, no chance of that.

I also had plans to stay on her for a night or two over the holidays, no chance of that either.

Seems I am limited to reading about others adventures in this winter wonderland or winter mess, which ever you prefer.

Time to get the sledge out I suppose