Wednesday, 10 November 2010



I have enrolled on the Phil Speight painting weekend.  I intend to grit blast Lola down to swedish 2.5, all over including the bottom, so some knowledge about doing it right is important.  Worry not, no work will start until late April at the earliest.  I intend to blast using a professional grit blaster, vectan, prime, undercoat and gloss (or primer and rough gloss as a temporary measure if needed) all in a week.  This requires a good breeze and all hands on deck.  I am guessing painting will commence on a Friday pm, giving me the most helpers over the weekend.  Windows will be removed and all the usual covered/blocked out.  Excited, I am, nervous definitely.  But I have decied that the job needs doing properly.  I cannot afford a professional 7k paint job, way, way over my budget of £1,000 (including blasting and paint!).

If I knew fellow boaters well enough I would ask the local for help but I think it is being cheeky.  As a lesire moorer its quite hard to develop active friendships, if you get my drift.  But, friends and rellies will be coaxed, bribed etc to assist where they can.

What if it all goes wrong?  I will have a naff looking boat.  Easily fixed, just paint better!  the key is the blasting, vectan and undercoat.  I can livewith a poor gloss until time and experience helps.

Winter, as it approaches, seems a bit quiet on the boating front.  Wrong!!!!  I will boat every chance once the engine is in and settled.

I am also seriously thinking about a heating system, namely a diesel engine bay stored heater for hot water and rad heating.  Lets see what next year brings first.

I was wondering if I could, if needed, live aboard.  I will give you my answer when I am ready, don't wait on it, years may pass!