Saturday, 6 November 2010

New Engine Spec


The new engine spec is

Kioti marinised 4 Cylinders, 42 bhp with a max rpm of 2600 and cc of 1.99, Keel cooled.  What is  nice is twin alternators 50A/110A. The gearbox is a hydraulic PRM 150 which is, I understand very response to control level movement.

It will be nice to have some power when needed.  I am not a petrol head but occassionally a bit of grunt is useful.

Why this engine?

Ok tidal rivers need 42hp to motor against the tide.

The control panel.

Whilst most enignes are simple, they either start or they do not.  What is required is diagnostics to understand performance and identify issues prior to them becoming fatal.  The panel is a delux panel and comprises of a tachometer with digital hour recorder/voltmeter, water temperature and oil pressure gauges, key start and stop, with warning LED’s and audible alarms for high water temperature, low oil pressure and no charge
from the both starter and domestic alternator. The panel also features, an on LED, along with a timed pre-heat yellow LED for the glow plugs.  Key stop will be nice, allowing stop without having to go on the aft deck, nice when wet.

So what next?

First comes some interier re-design to remove the dinette and create a 2 x single or full length double.  This will facilitate separate beds for my girls as well as retaining a dining area, and that occassional double.

Next is a complete grit blasting of the whole boat exterior and then a repaint.

I then intend to have a stern pram cover and a forward cratch and cover, these make it much more confortable and have the added bonus of limiting water ingress.

So lots to do, but after these jobs the boat will then be stable and enable friends to make use of it without me and my spanner being nearby.