Monday, 20 September 2010

Sunday maintenance day


I decided to get down to some maintenance.  I used Hammerite anti rust on the worst bits, not bothered about too much prep as it will all be grit blasted next year, a winter protective coat.  So the boat is starting to look like it has german measles.  I also fitted a dual smoke and Carbon Monoxide detector as we will be using the morso during October half term.
I checked the rope around the door frames of the Morso and they look ok, Locking the doors showed some pressure still there.  I then fixed a door which lacked some pva glue (any actually!).  And fixed the self opening doors under the fixed double as well as installing the wheeled boxes.  What next?  I decided to double check the bilge pump so turned all power off and it would not operate.  Left a note with Aqua but fear I have made a fool of myself.  I reported that the bilge did not work by pressing the button with the power off, but then again nor should it.  It should work if the water level creeps up.  I should have physically tested it, stupid me.  Anyhow, I tested the Morso by fuelling it up a little, it worked fine and the co detector and smoke detector stayed silent whilst I sweated.

I also bought an eco fan, top stuff.  The heat made it all over.

Next is to consider a low power heater whilst away from the boat over winter.  Either that or drain down.  I suppose if I turn the pump off and drain that should help, early days yet.

I have also decided to go down Leicester GU for Octobers holiday, possibly making north of Foxton locks, possibly getting beyond.  The latter would be unpopular so I will probably turn after Saddington Tunnel.