Tuesday, 14 September 2010

One of those days (well two really)

There  I was hanging around our cul-de-sac with other parents and one says, "your narrowboat".  I says "yarse". He then tells me he has a mate who is a welder and experienced in narrowboat fabrication.  I think tops stuff, important and rare find, seems my keel cooling problem got a step closer to solving.

Before then another neighbour tells me (a previous day) that her dad used to fit our narrowboats(well the carpentry bit) aha me thinks, this could help solve the how do I make a dinette fixed double into two singles come double and a dinette.  I have the plan and a man that can.  I have decided that narrowboats are infectious.  In all my years, only on the boat am I chilled and work is a distant reminder that bills need paying.  Talking to a colleague today reminded me that I do need to get out early for those dawn photos, the ones wiht the red sun and mist.  Stress now lives in my teenage daughter and her homework, physics tonight.

More ramblings later.  Hang on, is this a diary or my boat life?  Cancel homework, lets get back to boats.

Been reading about base paints and discovered Micaceous Iron Oxide.  Seems to do the job.  I will go to the canal forum and seek opinions.