Saturday, 14 August 2010


Got to boat about 6pm 13/8. Still not checked out my new stern greaser.
It rained like billyo last night but power and fridge seem fine, ran engine for 45 mins and all seems fine
Thermostat for engine is us so will add this to the list.  6.58am and the rain appears to be letting off.
Decided to stay in bed a while - hence photo from the pit.

Pump out is all we need to do today. Checked the stern greaser - wonderful.    Amazing what little things are important now.

Went to pump out made a great reverse into a mooring point and achieved the removal  of all connection to Angus!!  Pump out done, smell gone.

Rained again most of the day.  Bought a shoreline cable and did a bodge job to connect to the 240 ac, worked fine.  So, when the proper job is done with the battery charger we will be cooking!

Tried the trick of putting tomato sauce on brass to clean it, brassso is better, believe me or try it for yourself.

Just been to the Green Dragon at Willington for dinner (early).  Food was really quite good, why was I surprised?  dunno.

Sun is out and boating comes back.

Tomorrow back home and that's it till we get back from Egypt . Hopefully the engineers will have the landline fitted.

For a change, some real midiges are attacking us.

Plan is for a weeks cruising in October half term. Should be fun, have joined RCR just in case given the recent gear box disaster.  Perhaps we will go Leicester direction.