Sunday, 18 July 2010

First Family night on Das Boat

Getting to quite like "Das Boat", but it is not the name for her.

Ok, we all went to the Boat Saturday. Why do we carry enough bags for a week when we are aboard for one night?

We opened up and started to clean and generally get used to 4 on a boat again.

Johanna seems a little bored but she revealed her night out at a party till 10pm (yup she is 13 now) had hit her hard. So I let her chill a bit. Sarah and I started to clean the brass ceiling vents, they are so dirty I reckon it will take weeks to get them back to new.

We went for a walk to exmaine the damage I caused to the entrance to the marina. Now got the approach and entry to the cut sorted. Next week we are going to venture out, wish me luck!

Whilst on our walk I came across a guy repainting his boat, much learning was had.  He showed me some gunnel paint which I am keen on.  The gunnels are the bits your feet connect with when walking along the side of the boat (generally not recommended).  Our gunnels are narrow because an inch was pinched on each side to increase interior width (mistake in my view, thats how Matt fell in last week).  I also need to buy some rust attacker from Wilkinsons - apparently hugely cheaper than from the chandlers.

All the old cutlery and much of the crockery was dispsed of, Angus had offered to give us some crockery under his desk at work, Kath just ignored my suggestion (as expected).

I gave her (Das Boat) a brief water clean and left her with more streaks than when I started. Need to do it properly next time.  I did see some stuff in the Chandlers but ignored it when I saw the price - any tips gladly recieved.

Met some of the neighbours, more good tips and intelligence gleamed.  A near neighbour is a grit blaster and all round boat person, but he only does metal stuff, no electrics or gas.

We found all sorts of rubbish hidden away and we are kind of taking control. Next week Elaine and Angus will join us for Saturday's cruise towards Sawley, if Angus can get out of his pit in time after a night boozing.

Exhaustion is still evident from the journey north, so I am trying to chill, my voice still a distant memory but it is slowly improving, will probably dimish when I deliver some words of advice to some tomorrow!

Need to recover my sander so I can do some preparation for repainting after the lock effect - quite simply a steel narrowboat when painted gets lots of scrapes in and out of locks. Plus a bit of rust cos its outside.  Mind you the bit near the morse stove pipe looks dodgy so I may need to clear it down to Swedish 2.5 (learnt that from the Surveyor).  Exactly how I measure 2.5 is unknown - aha its a sandblasting standard.  Never mind I will scrape paint back to the rust and attack it with rust killer then repaint.  Need to find that super heat resistant glue stuff for it too, thought I saw some on the boat somewhere.

The dinette bed needs replacing but we need time to design something that works as a double and two singles and is still a dining area, tough task any pictures of success much appreciated.

Had a man turn up from Aqua narrowboats to quote on some work, lets see what happens. I need to get another calor gas with a manual switch over and new regulator. I need to get a battery charger and landline as well as a stern tube greaser fitted, all brill stuff, believe me!

When buying the boat the surveyor mentioned that the packing was all but useless as the packing gland or whatever had perished.  the owner had no idea about this so I arranged for it to be done there and then as soon as we had agreed a price, only £15 to do it so not much risk.  Surprised the previous owner knew nothing about it and had happily used his grease gung to achieve safety.  The bilge pump is ok, I checked it out carefully and even tested it with power switched off.  BTW nice forum at

God only knows when we will use up the diesel! Looked for a lock for the fuel cap but none seem to exist.

Will go up during the week for a mooch for an hour or so, I need to got to Millers Marine at Bridge 3, no longer on the A6005, its now by bridge numbers!

Oh, I will now ensure my photos accompany text, technical fault on camera (well, not really) meant each photo was hitting 4 megs!.

Well, enough for today.