Monday, 19 July 2010

Checking my boat

Getting a bit ownerish.

We are off to the boat to just check all is ok.  Until we can trust our neighbours more (and I like them , I just don't know them well enough yet) I want to show a presence and check the bilge etc.  If I remember I will also take some pictures in situe because the Marina is very nice.

More later, tea time beckons!
Ughh, went to the boat, just to let people know I am not a stranger. Decided to start cleaning the bilge of oil and grease, needed doing but it was about 1inch deep, still some to do but oil and grease is aweful as a combination.  Anyway, at least it wont re-occur, off to buy them magic oil and grease separators.

I am after an engine that has a fighting chance, not a perfect specimen.  So I will carry on remorselessly.

Will pop up at odd times during the week to do the odd jobs. Its an odd life to some.