Monday, 11 April 2016

Kitchen refit complete and boat washed


A few photos of NB Lola now we have finished our main changes.  From the start to finish we have almost gutted the whole boat but as we went along rather than one job.  We started in 2010 with the engine, a new Canaline 42, then the lounge, then the bathroom, then the outside paint job, then the  Kitchen and back cabin (used as a storage area, not in the trad sense).  Now its maintenance rather than big spends.

Shower, A Geoff Taylor job
Control Unit, the engine was fitted by Aqua Narrowboats, a most excellent boat builder
Shiny Bow, just been washed, painted by Geoff Taylor

Washed and clean
Toilet and hand basin, more Geoff work

Kitchen work bench

Cooker and sink, a great job by Geoff Taylor

Fixed Double bed (in a mess), new Webasto central heating, remote start and radiators fitted, again, by Geoff Taylor
Back Cabin, re-fitted by Geoff

lounge, fitted by Aqua Narrowboats

 The seating arrangement can be altered to create two single beds, a double bed or a dining area.

Through the years we have also done the other jobs, blacking of the boat where it is below the waterline, this is done with bitumen every year.  We have also renewed curtains, varnished wood whenever, replaced carpets, cushions, tv, cooker, calorifier (hot water tank), batteries, inverter, charger, Isolation Transformer, to name but a few.
Next time away is likely to be early May but we will pop up weekly and at weekends from now.

Sunday, 7 February 2016

The Trent in flood

This was The Trent this morning.  In twenty minutes the corner just before Trent lock was near impassable.  If the rain, as promised, drops today/tonight then we will see some fair flooding.

Saturday, 6 February 2016

New, refreshed kitchen

So, last job to be done has started, a refreshed kitchen.  We are using the original bases but replacing the doors, work tops, handles, cooker and tiles.

The cooker is on sale at midland swindlers and not a bad price to be honest, £450.  It's got 240 lighter but we can easily get power to it, not fan assisted so it won't draw much.  Shaker doors, a new sink too, should be finished by the end of the month if not earlier.  Another Geoff Taylor job along with some other work.  A new cratch, changing door locks and making the rear hatch an entry point, general maintenance and then it's blacking in March ready for boating again and also ready for retirement in the next few years.