Thursday, 23 October 2014

Half term plan

London and Newcastle this week for work, next week we are off work, although Mrs D only has till Wednesday- as per previous post.

Next week it's left out of King's Bromley Marina and then west along the Trent and Mersey to great Haywood then down the Shroppie as far as we want till we have to come back.  We might manage Tipton then turn.  The return will see us at Tixhall Wide Tuesday night which leaves a four hour trip back to KB.

Big camera coming with me so plenty of shots.  Also downloaded some books for plenty of reading.  Been eating more healthily of recent, not a diet, and have lost a near stone already.  I am targeting a couple more stones and will see how i feel.  I am actually quite happy with my current nutrition arrangements and intend to just keep up with this new way of life.  Not felt better in a good while, by better I mean switched on, fit etc.  I am high risk diabetes type 2 - family history, so this is doing me no harm at all.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Trip down to Streethay Wharf and back

Went out Saturday, in the wind, for a meander down to our favourite mooring.  Alas it was occupied by a hotel/trip boat.  So, we swung the swing bridge and headed down the Coventry intending to wind at Kings Orchard Marina, having a nose whilst we did.  However, when we got to Streethay I decided to wind there.  Not a big mistake but it was tight.  Anyways, we managed it and headed back to Fradley visitor moorings, bagging a nice spot just before the watering point.  a lovely windy day where the temperature was up to 20c!

Lovely Autumnal colour

Persia passing

Here comes Kenneth

Here is Kenneth

Goodbye Kenneth

Lovely colours

A lovely house been up for sale, with mooring for ages.

semi arty

The Mucky Duck

A trip to the Mucky Duck for some Abbot ale, Derby Brewery 10 and Roaring Meg.  I do so like the pub, Landlord/Landlady and all.  Was quite windy so I was "on watch" as the was a bit of drift going on.  not too hard work so I did get time to take a few pictures as you can see.  Next trip will be  half term starting next Friday.  I need to get the skin tank fitting fixed as there is a small leak which whilst manageable is rather annoying.

Sunday, 5 October 2014

A night out

Popped to the boat on Saturday for a short break down to Fradley.  The National Memorial Arboretum was hosting Ride to the Wall.  The roads were chocca with bikes - nice thing to do, well done all.

When I got to the boat I did the usual engine checks to find no water in the engine expansion tank.  Found a v slow leak at the skin tank fitting, a wee turn may do it but if not I will have the whole connection refreshed as it is a bit of a bodge job.

We waited while a bit of a rain shower passed over and set off.  Pretty quiet on the water.  Woodend Lock though - three boats in the queue, one was a total new boater and this was their first lock.  A bit of help and they seemed fine.

Shadehouse Lock was the usual easy do.  The lock house at Shadehouse is up for sale, having been compulsorily purchased by HS2.  The route has been altered to go under the canal so if you fancy a Lock house for £625,000 Google John German, a CRT mooring is avail also.  If I had the money I would not hesitate to buy it.

Our secret mooring at Fradley was available, yippee.  So we were moored in our favourite Fradley spot and no, I am not sharing the exact location.

The Morso has a minor water leak which causes the odd drip to travel down the chimney.  Over the years, before we had the boat, as I had subsequently healed the leak, the ring at the bottom of the chimney and at the top of the stove had rusted to the point that it gave way.  I pondered re what to do and decided to use some fire cement.  Excellent job, properly cured and I have even located a wee CO detector near to the stove, but not too close, for added security.  All is fine

We popped over to The Swan for a beer and early dinner.   The food was ok but just that.  A little imagination and this could be a really nice eatery.

So Sunday morning we started to head back.  Just after Shadehouse, who did we see? Jan hanging up her washing on board NB Waiouru/  Hello was said, Tom not seen, I guess he was walking.

The rest of the trip was quiet.  No repeat leak detected yet so my tinkering may have done it.  I am not taking a chance though.  I intend to have it properly fixed when Geoff Taylor is available.

We filled the water tank and gave the front deck a good hose down, removing all the current leaf drop.  It is also getting its paint job when we have the big paint in May next year.

Next trip will be October Bank Holiday, hopefully for a week if Mrs D can take the whole week off. Being a business owner (Aurelia Bioscience) has its limitations but new staff are being recruited so this should improve.

I am planning on early (very early)  retirement so we are saving like loons, very difficult to do with 11 and 17 year old girls!  Nevertheless, my target is to do 3 or 4 years only then finish for good.  Hopefully, we will have matured the business to enable this, we shall see.

Well, that's it for now.  I fully intend to take my good camera on the next trip so words will be inter-spaced with some nice pictures.