Sunday, 16 November 2014

Boat jobs

The list of jobs is on the rise.  So far:-

Finish the lighting - 2 spots to fit
Re fit the skin tank to engine connection - it leaks
Add a GSM unit to the webasto and remove the 7 day timer.  Latter not needed.
Price up a new Morso and double sleeve flue
Engine and gearbox service
Colour design for the boat repaint in May next year
Blacking in June next year - 3 coats

Most jobs will be done in January when Geoff gets back except the skin tank which I hope will be done next week.

Apart from that, life is cool at the moment.  Work has settled so I now have time to live again - for now. It's a cyclical thing so I will enjoy this while I can.
No boating for the next couple of weeks as jobs on the house required and parties to attend.

We are foodies and have visited a number of gastro places, the most recent being the Blue Bicycle in York, excellent reputation but we were a bit disappointed, main course was not good.  Still, onto Table 8 in Beeston Notts next week.  We have been to the location a few times before as the place has changed ownership on a number of occasions.  We do go to the Farmers Boy in Shepley quite often, very nice food.

Just bought a Nisbet knife for the kitchen, wow sharp or

Rambling on but these are my musings, not just boats.

Went for a walk from Cranfleet lock to some ways along the Erewash, very calm day and the flood lock was on just up from Cranfleet meaning you cannot get from the soar/ trent to the beeston cut.  First time I have ever seen this but I guess it's because we are usually trapped further on up. Not much moving whilst we dog walked.  Lola dog did insist on rolling in some crap, I think fox crap, what a smell!
And a picture to finish

Thursday, 30 October 2014

A wee trip from King's Bromley to Calf Heath and back

We decided to go west on the Trent and Mersey to Calf Heath.  We were not in a huge hurry so day one took us to Great Haywood where we moored just above the lock.  this facilitated a well earned visit to the local pub, the Clifford Arms.  This is a nice pub selling excellent beer.  Food is reasonable pub fayre.  from here we set on on Sunday morning onto the Shropshire and Worcester Canal, passed Tixhall Wide

and then towards Tixhall Lock.

Nice to see a trad and butty, i think it is Aquarius pulling what I can see is Ilford

Tixhall Lock

Johanna and Lola Dog

Now then we stayed at Penkridge overnight, Sunday and then moved to Four Ashes, bridge 77 to turn.  Not sure how we turn here other than go passed and reverse in and then angle back out the other way.  I did not fancy this so we went past and turned just after Bridge 76.  Again, the turning point was just a bend in the canal and not very easy to spot.  But, spot we did and we winded. Then back to Penkridge and another overnight, this time next to the Cross Keys pub.

On our way back past Gailey Wharf

The Yellow perils!

This is a lovely looking church at Acton Trussell. 

Now then, this is Victoria.  We met Victoria at Meadow Bridge, Baswich.  She was stuck under Meadow Bridge and no amount of forward and reverse could get her past the bridge.  In discussion with the skipper of Victoria we agreed to put Lola in front tie the front rope from Victoria to my Dolly's on a long rope and see if two engines could do the job.  Nice one, she got through, I untied and lobbed the rope back onto Victoria.  That was that then and we motored on leaving Victoria behind.  Now Victoria has near 42HP and a 28 inch propeller, she came past us as we were tying up at Great Haywood, she can half shift!  We next saw her just past Great Haywood, pulling pins as we past.  It took some motoring to keep ahead of her.  She must have moored near Rugeley as we lost her from that point.

So, out on Saturday, back on Wednesday.  A nice trip which revealed that the skin tank fitting was still leaking just a little and the Webasto was letting air in somewhere as the rear rad was not filling properly and had to be bled each day.  This will need looking at me thinks.  Aside to that we had no bother apart from accidentally leaving a walkie talkie on in the back cabin and it letting us know it was losing battery power by bleeping loudly at 2 am Tuesday morning!

Next trip will likely not be until the weather turns next April.  We will still go to the boat, just that we will not venture out unless the weather is in our favour.  When we hang up our work clothes for good, that will be a different matter as i expect us to cruise for months at a time - here's hoping!

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Half term plan

London and Newcastle this week for work, next week we are off work, although Mrs D only has till Wednesday- as per previous post.

Next week it's left out of King's Bromley Marina and then west along the Trent and Mersey to great Haywood then down the Shroppie as far as we want till we have to come back.  We might manage Tipton then turn.  The return will see us at Tixhall Wide Tuesday night which leaves a four hour trip back to KB.

Big camera coming with me so plenty of shots.  Also downloaded some books for plenty of reading.  Been eating more healthily of recent, not a diet, and have lost a near stone already.  I am targeting a couple more stones and will see how i feel.  I am actually quite happy with my current nutrition arrangements and intend to just keep up with this new way of life.  Not felt better in a good while, by better I mean switched on, fit etc.  I am high risk diabetes type 2 - family history, so this is doing me no harm at all.