Sunday, 17 August 2014

Change of Plan

We were going to do the four Counties ring with a trip to Chester added on.

But, the forecast and taking the girls made me think twice. So, instead, we bought some tickets to Malaga and are now in the Imperial Cafe, Estepona having a cervesa and watching the toon!

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Quick trip to Handsacre

Decided to have a night out.  Not to far on the boat, just to Handsacre turning point and a short reverse to close, but not to close, to the crown in Handsacre.

Now then, the Crown is not the Old Peculiar Pub in terms of type of pub.  its just different but still enjoyable.  The Old Peculiar is about 100 yards away past the chippy.

We bought a new Camera for daughter no 1, a Nikon Coolpix 9600, very useful and we need to learn it better as it tends to over-expose just a touch, practice makes perfect.

Anyways, a host of piccies from the camera taken on Saturday pm

Same photo digitally enhanced using Adobe Lightroom.  the main problem is the white out which you could remove but I am still learning!

This was on the towpath right beneath my feet
and enhanced

Not bad pictures but I wished I had taken the "big" camera, a Canon DSLR which gives me much more control over exposure.

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Tixhall Wide

Well, we made it to Tixhall Wide and the weather is lovely.  The trip from Handsacre was uneventful, which is good.  A boat passed us going in our direction just as we were about to leave.  We caught up with them at the bog shop (Armitage Shanks) and the steerer stopped to allow us to pass, letting us know he was a daudler.  That was nice of him.  Got past Colwich lock with only one boat in front and then tootled to tixhall to find the last remaining mooring spot.

This is our mooring at Handsacre, just after the winding hole (where you can turn the boat around)

And here we are at Tixhall Wide, a truly lovely spot

The Anglo Welsh Day boat passing us

Kath and Sarah enjoying the sun

We will now stay here until about 9 am tomorrow.  The engine is running to keep batteries topped un we have three 12 volt batteries which we use to run the fridge and tv and the odd charge of laptops etc.  Now we have a state of charge indicator we can see the draw on the batteries which helps us in terms of battery management.

Lots of boats passing us, mainly private with the odd hire boat.  The occasional fast boat but most are on tickover.  We are hard moored as I call it, using fenders to minimise the bumps from passing boats caused by water displacement, not them hitting us!

Lola dog has been in the water three times and is now drying off in the bow, no wow!

The new bathroom is working well now I understand how to adjust the draw on water.

That's it for today, hope you are all enjoying this lovely weather.