Sunday, 16 October 2016

Oh woe is me - alternator!

Ok,  alternator dead. New alternator fitted.  Now I find one of the batteries is poorly.  So, Friday coming, off to the boat to check water levels in battery and see if we can recover it.  Often, one battery brings down the rest, we shall see.  If the battery is beyond hope and the others reporting fine via the victron bmv , I will replace the offending battery and see if we can maintain service.

More of this tale to follow.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Boat not quite sorted, but not far off

ok, so the new toilet tank is fitted, new indicator and new pipes with a vent pipe sticking out of hull.  All good so far.  Once the boat was returned to the marina we went up the following weekend to check out the throne room and go for a wee trip out.  Throne room fine, so far.  The batteries would not charge.  It was ok when we left it but it seems it is not happy.  It, the offending alternator, has been taken out for a test and a decision on next steps will follow.  We have missed boating this summer but the issue was peculiar and took some time to fix.  The alternator is just a bugger.  Plan is to go out this weekend and shake down again.  I promise to post some pictures.

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Replacement toilet tank etc

So, the saga continues.  We have agreed to the work being done.  I will report the results when the work is finished.

The work.  So, we need a replacement tank.  This time it will be stainless steel.  The pipes will be, I believe, ABS kit.  A better tank fill indicator will also be fitted.  I expect the job to be done early September.  Not been on boat since then but will be popping up for a few days each week for the next couple of months, just need to keep the odorloss topped up.

I will try to take some before shots but only if I care to remember.

Two more jobs on the line, an engine service and deep clean and a refreshed stern gland packing.

Don't buy a boat if you cannot keep it maintained say I

The cratch cover looks nice.  Fitted a few weeks ago

Gives us the extra room we need and helps with seating options.  Will be interesting getting used to it.

And before