Saturday, 10 December 2016

Been a bit busy

Not posted for a while, work is hectic.

Anyways, all is good.  We have been on Lola boat and filled the fuel tank.  Toilet tank is still not even showing a quarter full so that's all good too.

We had Phoenix Boat Services do an engine service, gearbox check and replace the stern gland packing.

Sadly, no boating until the new year due to pressures of work and business, Aurelia Bioscience goes from strength to strength and my job just gets busier too.

Next post in the new year I reckon.

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Off the boat

Ok, so I popped to boat last Saturday to assess battery situation.  Armed with some de-ionised water and a friend with a multi meter and more knowledge re batteries than I, we got to the boat and first checked what victron said.  Strange battery outputs were all in the 14.36 range as measured at the batteries and confirmed by victron with soc 100%.  We then opened the batteries up and topped up where required.  We hung about for an hour and charger and batteries were fine.  Heading up to boat tomorrow where we will give her a fresh shakedown and take oodles of photos.

So, all seems well for the time being and I will be reading up more about our victron to discern more valuable information.

I feel that battery management is key to future, longer term trips.  As we have a Honda eu20i at home, we will have options when we do finally chuck work and enjoy early retirement.

For now it's off to the allotment to check on the cabbages!

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Oh woe is me - alternator!

Ok,  alternator dead. New alternator fitted.  Now I find one of the batteries is poorly.  So, Friday coming, off to the boat to check water levels in battery and see if we can recover it.  Often, one battery brings down the rest, we shall see.  If the battery is beyond hope and the others reporting fine via the victron bmv , I will replace the offending battery and see if we can maintain service.

More of this tale to follow.